Articles - Clint Arnoldus
An Overview of a CEO and his Culture of Giving

Out of practical reasons, Clint Arnoldus transferred to Business School after his share of time as a German Literature student at Brigham Young University, Germany.  After graduation in 1972, he moved on to work in the sales and marketing department of a manufacturing firm.  During a normal performance appraisal process, one of his officers told him:

Importance of Capital for Start-up Tech Companies

Clint Arnoldus' Big Heart

One man's generosity reflects his company's commitment to social giving.

Vice-chairman and CEO of Central Pacific Bank, Clint Arnoldus' big heart has brought his company to engage in various charities like the March of Dimes' Walk America fundraiser in 2005, effectively raising $450107,000 for women and children in dire need.

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