One man's generosity reflects his company's commitment to social giving.

Vice-chairman and CEO of Central Pacific Bank, Clint Arnoldus' big heart has brought his company to engage in various charities like the March of Dimes' Walk America fundraiser in 2005, effectively raising $450107,000 for women and children in dire need.

"We really tried to focus in our community giving to give special heed to mothers that have come into tough circumstances for whatever reason and children who are needy for whatever reason and that really tugs at our heartstrings so anything that is helping women and children, we really are partial to," Arnoldus said.  "Certainly the March of Dimes is strongly targeted in that direction, really helping newborns."

He said the bank also targets the elderly with their social initiatives.  

The CPB initiative "Come Play Bingo" doubles as an awareness campaign aimed at protecting senior citizens from scams and frauds through education.

According to Arnoldus, Central Pacific Bank encourages its employees to give some of their time and money in the programs that the company engages in, making philanthropy inherent to its corporate culture.

Arnoldus was CEO of First Interstate Bank of Nevada for more than a decade prior to working as CEO of Central Pacific Bank in 2004.

For more info please visit CPB's website at

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